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135' creek crossing links Utah zoo expansion

May 30, 2013

Hogle-Zoo(web)Utah’s Hogle Zoo completed a major step in its Rocky Shores expansion project with the placement of a 135' Big R Pedestrian Bridge over Emigration Creek.

On-time delivery was critical because the mobile crane needed for its extended reach was in high demand. The 70,000-pound H-Section bridge was delivered to the site in two sections, which were assembled and installed within two days. 

The Rocky Shores expansion will educate the public on sustainability and its role in the conservation of polar bears in the wild. It will also engage visitors of all ages and educate them on pressing environmental challenges.

In a press release marking the opening of the bridge, the Zoo's Executive Director, Craig Dinsmore, commented,"The bridge placement is a milestone in the construction project which will bring Hogle Zoo’s guests up close, and nose-to-nose, with polar bears, seals, sea lions and more."


Natural-weathering, recycled steel: a friend of the environment

The naturally-weathering, recycled steel in the new bridge aligns well with the Zoo's efforts on green practices, recycling initiatives and conservation programs.

Weathering steel contains elements that allow it to form a protective coating or patina when exposed to the atmosphere. Many engineers choose weathering steel for its environmental performance and economical benefits.

  • Reduced toxic emissions: No oil-based coating is used, which reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds.
  • No contaminated blast debris in habitats: Because the steel is not painted, no periodic blasting maintenance is required.
  • Cost savings of 10 percent or more initially and even more over the life of the structure: No painting and steel’s durability result in reduced costs.
  • Long life and high performance: Weathering Steel has been used on bridges for many decades and performs well in most environments. 
  • Recycled and recyclable: Steel is the material of choice for green construction, because of its high percentage of recycled content and recyclability attributes. 


Project Name: Pedestrian Bridge over Emigration Creek
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Owner: Utah’s Hogle Zoo
Construction Manager / General Contractor: SIRQ Construction 
Product: Pedestrian Truss Bridge, H-Section, Weathering Steel, Vertical Pickets, Two sections
Application: Creek Crossing
Dimensions: Length 135', Width 15.17'
Installation Time: Two days to erect the bridge (start to finish)

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