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‘Zero-maintenance’ bridge reunites Ohio parks for 75-100 years

September 17, 2015

Phillips Park Side View

Without a crossing for over three years, residents of Beavercreek Township, Ohio, were plenty excited to have a new pedestrian/trail bridge to reconnect their three popular parks. The fact that it was a ‘zero-maintenance’ solution with a 75-100 year design service life was a bonus.


Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Decking with Weathering Steel 
Big R Bridge collaborated with Ohio-based Composite Advantage on the new 45' bridge that featured lightweight FRP decking. The design of the non-slip decking surface simulates timber planks in a color that matches the bridge’s Weathering Steel finish.

 stream-crossing-pedestrian-bridge FRP-bridge-decking

Bridge transported through trails with light equipment
FRP decking is 50% the weight of wood and only 25% the weight of concrete, which was very helpful as this single-span bridge needed to be manoeuvred a distance along a narrow trail system using only light lifting equipment.


The proof is in the flooding
Composite Advantage designed the bridge deck to support pedestrian and maintenance vehicle loads and to withstand an uplift force in the event of a 100-year-flood. About a month after installation, storms caused flooding and an uprooted tree crashed into the bridge when a section of the bank gave way. Inspection revealed that abutments, bridge, deck and connections remained sound. The customer is looking to use this bridge package in other locations.


Name: Phillips Park Pedestrian Bridge with FRP Decking
Location: Beavercreek Township, OH
Owner: Beavercreek Township  
Engineer: Composite Advantage   
Contractor: FRP Constructors   
Product: Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge with FRP Decking  
Application: Stream Crossing
Dimensions: Span 45' x Width 6' 
Installation time: Four days for the full project (two days for the abutments, one day for the bridge, one day to finish the approaches)