1. Signature Bridges

    Make a bold statement. From a napkin sketch to a finished bridge, bring your vision to life. » More

    Volkswagen's Signature Bridge
    Chattanooga, Tennessee

  2. Prefabricated Bridges

    Economical and easy to install. Pre-engineered for todays’s pedestrian and vehicular needs. » More

    Prefabricated Bridge
    University of North Texas, Denton

  3. Structural Plate

    Cost-effective and strong. Buried bridge solutions with our complete range of products. 
    » More

    Super•Cor Heavy Haul Road Arch
    El Segundo, New Mexico

  4. MSE Wall Systems

    Fast, flexible and economical. Save time and money with our retaining walls. » More

    MSE Wall System
    Marion County, Florida

  5. Corrugated Pipe

    Performance-driven. Flexible, economical solutions for many applications and sectors. 
    » More

    Big R Bridge is the largest supplier of Corrugated Steel Pipe in the Rocky Mountain region.

Featured Profiles

» Railway

Avoid costly rail closures. Big R’s versatile railway infrastructure solutions are easy-to-install and have low-maintenance requirements.


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» THE EDGE Four-Flange Structural Liner

Build faster, safer and entirely from either side. 10x stiffer. 5x stronger. Extends plate’s application ranges.

Flange HP
Flange HP Sec1
Flange HP Sec2

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» Four-Flange Structural Liner gives vent raise “THE EDGE”

By selecting our innovative Four-Flange Structural Liner (aka “THE EDGE”) for a vent raise project, The Escobal Mine team saved valuable time and money over ringset and lagging or concrete alternatives. 

Flange HP ProjectM
Flange HP Project2
Flange HP Project1

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Efficient Infrastructure Solutions Since 1970

Big R Bridge, a member of the AIL Group of Companies, is a world leader in developing innovative engineered solutions in Prefabricated Bridges, Structural Plate, MSE Wall Systems, Sound Wall Systems, and Corrugated Pipe for the transportation, public works, railway, mining, forestry and development sectors.

» Big R's wide range of capabilities

Streamline your next project with a Big R design-build solution.

Increasingly, today's infrastructure decision makers are opting for design-build solutions from highly-qualified partners to minimize project risk and accelerate delivery schedules.

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Download Pedestrian Bridges brochure

For today’s pedestrian and leisure needs, check out our new brochure to learn more about Big R's custom bridge solutions.

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Flange Mid-HP ResizeTHE EDGE Four-Flange Structural Liner

10x STIFFER, 5x STRONGER than traditional steel liner plate

Give your structural steel tunnel, shaft and reline projects THE EDGE. Build faster, safer and entirely from either side. Extends structural plate’s application ranges with flanged connections instead of overlaps.

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