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Recycled Steel

Steel is the material of choice.
As the world's most recycled material, eco-concious developers choose steel.

Big R Bridge recycled steel

Infrastructure construction has a profound impact on our natural environment. In North America, the built environment accounts for approximately one third of the greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy, water and materials consumption.

Given the increased awareness of green construction, steel is the material of choice because of its major recycled content and recyclability attributes.

Steel is the world's most recycled material

In North America, over 70 million tons of steel are recycled or exported for recycling annually. This is done for both economic and environmental reasons. It is always economical to recycle steel. Even though two out of every three kilograms of new steel are produced from “old” steel, the fact that buildings, appliances, bridges and other infrastructure products have such long service lives, makes it necessary to continue to mine some virgin ore to supplement the production of new steel.

Once iron ore is extracted and refined into steel, its life never ends. This makes steel an ideal material to use in sustainable strategies for the construction industry.

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